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Customer Care

Here at Simply Luna we want to focus on the well-being and needs of our Luna Babes. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own ways. Empowering someone’s natural beauty was the goal in the mission of Simply Luna. Our team strives for our Luna Babes to feel like a Moon among all the Stars. We handpick and want each item to give someone that unique addition to their confidence. All feedback is encouraged to improve our customer experience and journey. We want to build trust and long lasting relationships with our Luna Babes. It is all about YOU!

Privacy & Security

Here at Simply Luna we ensure to protect all Luna Babes information by securing all order and personal information provided to our team. We strive to have all processes and protocols in place for a babes privacy and security.

Shipping & Returns

Please visit our shipping and returns page to review all details around our process and policy. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

-Simply Luna Gift Cards

Payment Methods
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